Patio Doors

Keep winter chill and summer heat out while enjoying a better, bigger view of the outdoors with a new patio door!

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A new, energy-efficient patio door from All About Windows And More is the perfect way to make a room look bigger, let more light in, and offer easy access to a deck or patio.

Patio Doors by Clear Choice USA / Window Depot Lehigh Valley open up a world of possibilities. Our patio doors glide open with fingertip ease and can be designed specifically to your dimensions and to match the decor of your home.

Our patio doors give you the maximum in energy savings, yet still offers one of the largest glass areas of any door, allowing for a great view of the outdoors. We offer a variety of dual-glazed and triple-glazed options to suit your budget and climate. Patio doors are available in stock sizes, but can also be custom-made to fit virtually any opening and any style.

And we know how important security is to you and your family. That’s why Clear Choice USA / Window Depot Patio Doors are easy to operate and very secure. Equipped with a keyed lockset, a thumb-turn dead bolt and a kick-lock, these 3 separate locking points ensure the security of your family.

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